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Business can be simple, but it is not easy.


Many SMEs plateau due to the lack of clarity, strategy, culture and action at the right time on issues within their control.


It’s also never been a better time to start a business, and they are needed to provide real solutions to real problems.


At EntrepreneurMe, our goal is to create top entrepreneurs everywhere and turn existing businesses into empires.


Cherie Kong-Colucci

Having co-founded one of the first startups in Airbnb management service in Europe that operates in 6 countries delivering £60m+ profits to homeowners within 4 years, Cherie now works with organisations as a keynote speaker and business strategist on a wide range of areas to ensure they remain lean, focused and competitive.

EntrepreneurMe - Cherie Kong-Colucci

Zina Sultana

As an international speaker and award-winning property investor who has raised over £21m in joint venture finance, Zina is committed to equipping business leaders and the next generation of entrepreneurs in becoming recognised in their industries, giving them the same opportunities as she has.

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